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How to Measure a Garage Door

When you decide to re-do your garage door, you need to make sure you have all the information about the contractor you are hiring. Your contractor will ask you a lot of questions about the garage door before he can give you a possible quote for the job. So, you should know the basics of re-doing a garage door.

To start with here are some basic tips on how to measure a common garage door.

  1.  It is best to measure the height of the garage door from its highest point  rather than from a random point. The highest point of a door will be the distance from the top finished point to the floor.
  1.  The same rule applies when you are measuring its width, you should measure the widest distance from left to right.
  1. It is important to measure the width of the extra spaces beside the Ideally, it should not be less than 5″ on each side. And 10″ in case of a 2-door system.
  1. Check the headroom headroom space to know the right measurements.
  1.  It is important to note the distance between the nearest obstruction at the back of the door. It needs to be done for sectional doors and doors with manual lifts.

Some important additional measuring tips to remember.

  • Make sure to make a note of all the electrical circuits or outlets near the door.
  • Pinpoint lights near the door.
  • Ensure the wood jambs are in perfect condition.
  • The header needs to be to be stable.
  • Mark the pipes and water outlets if any nearby.
  • Check the floor level.

Professional Garage Door Installation

This special installation service is exclusively for Sectional Doors of up to 20’ or are 12’ height.

Standard Installation Process Required permits:

If you live in hurricane-prone areas, contact the Local Building Authorities for advice on zoning necessities and any building requirements to have your garage door installed.

Scheduling a Site Inspection with us:

A few days after you have made an order with us, an installation expert will visit your premises. Inspection of your premises and garage door is paramount before going further with the installation process.

What occurs when inspecting the site?

  • The installer will check and verify if the door is ordered according to requirements.
  • Checking of all clearances like head-room, side-room, and back-room will be Verification of whether the proper track ordered will also be done.
  • The installer will inspect and determine if additional requirements are    needed before embarking to install your garage door.
  • Your order is subject to cancellation within 48 hours of the A 3% or $50 cancellation fee is applicable, subject to whatever is higher.

What happens after the site inspection?

  • The installer will contact us for any additional work. The online selling platform will notify you of additional necessities and additional charges that may be required.
  • If the Regional Distribution Center is out of stock, garage doors will be ordered directly from the factory.
  • There is no refund or cancellation of orders if re-stocking fees are inadequate. This happens if two days have passed since the date of inspection.
  • After receiving your ordered garage door, the installer will contact you    for delivery and installation purposes, it usually takes between 2-6 weeks depending on available stock or factory orders.

Installation Preparation

You will be advised to remove any material from your garage at least 10 feet away from the doorway. This will enable the installer to have ample space for the installation of the garage door.

Removing the Existing Doors:

Removal of old and rusted sectional doors will be done during the installation of a new garage door. Additional charges of up to $100 may be applicable when removing old doors or disposing of one-piece slab doors.

How to measure a garage door


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