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Because many of us just use our garages for storage, we fail to realize the importance of having insulated garage doors. If your home is like most homes in America, then your garage is attached to your home. In fact, the common wall between the garage and home probably accounts for almost ¼ of your home’s entire wall space. By not having an insulated garage door, you are exposing your garage and your home to the elements. more…

Buy Garage Doors

What do you know about garage doors? It seems that most of us don’t think about them until we need to buy garage doors. Only then do we realize how complicated it can be to choose a garage door. In addition to functionality, they must be strong enough to battle the elements, protect against theft and also remain attractive. Here are some of the most commons questions asked when you buy garage doors. more…

Carriage Style Garage Doors

Garages risk being ordinary or even “eye-sores” on otherwise beautiful houses. Carriage style garage doors are one way to bring warmth and style to a home and make the doors a focal point. Carriage style garage doors have become a popular alternative to the typical sectional doors and there are now several options available.People looking to buy garage doors can find the old-fashioned style that requires you to swing the door out, the overhead style is much more common. That is simply because more people want the conveniences which come with an overhead garage door. more…

Commercial Overhead Garage Door

If you are going to buy a commercial overhead door, you have two choices: coiling and sectional. Each of these types of commercial garage doors has its own benefits and cons depending on what you need it for. Before you start weighing the pros and cons of these garage door types, you should determine if your garage is even capable of having one installed. A coiling commercial garage door can be made to fit any size and length, and can be used for almost any business if adequate headroom clearance is available. Coiling garage doors are rolled up compactly and stored above the garage doorway. So long as this area is free of obstacles, you will be able to have a coiling door. more…

Commercial Coiling Roll-up Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors are not that different than residential ones in terms of how they work. However, they are usually less ornate and are available in much larger sizes. There are two main types of Commercial garage doors which are available to businesses. Coiling Roll-Up Commercial Garage Doors These types of Commercial garage doors are made from horizontal metal slats which are usually steel. When opening the door, the slats are rolled up into a coil above the door’s opening. Other than manually lifting the door and pulling them down, methods of operating coiling garage doors include, chain hoists and electric motors. more…


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