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All you need to know about commercial overhead garage doors

People who are considering purchasing a commercial overhead door have two options to choose from- coiling or sectional type of overhead doors. Both these doors have their pros and cons. Before you can start analyzing the type of door you want, consider which is the right fit for your garage

Coiling Doors

A commercial coiling door can be adjusted to fit any size or length of the garage door. It can be used for diverse businesses if there is an available doorway for fitting it. These highly versatile doors are easy to roll and can be stored above the doorway of your garage easily.

Sectional Doors

A commercial sectional door works by being rolled across the top area of your garage. For this reason, your garage should have a deeper background than your garage door. For a comfortable and fine fitting of the sectional door, obstacles such as wiring, fixtures, etc. will need to be removed. A sectional door needs only a little headroom compared to the coiling door. Almost all sectional doors can be set-up with a headroom clearing of 6.5″ above the opening section.

Points to Remember

An important aspect when choosing a commercial door is the level of security. Both doors can provide exceptional security against thieves and other intruders. For a higher security level, a heavy-duty garage door is paramount. The thicker the steel for your garage door, the more secure it is. Importantly, a thicker commercial steel garage door has few numbers of gauges compared to light ones.

Strong and heavy-duty commercial coiling garage doors consist of a curtain of metal slats. These slats work by sliding on one another to form a curtain-like barrier on your doorway. These slats hinge together when opening the door. Light-duty commercial garage doors are made of consistent corrugated steel. These doors work through a horizontal corrugated design that flexes the steel material when the door is opened.

Commercial overhead doors usually have a one-year warranty period while the residential type of door has a lifetime coverage.

The Design Aspect of Garage Doors

To most people, sectional overhead doors are much attractive than the coiling type. This is due to the different available textures and styles used in designing the doors. Also, sectional garage doors have an option for accommodating windows. Both doors can be improved through painting. Importantly, buyers should know that only latex-based paints are ideal for painting.

Insulation Needs

These two types of garage doors can be insulated. Coiling doors are the most expensive to insulate. This is because the metal slats also must be insulated. Its insulation value tends to be much lower than sectional doors. Sectional doors also can be insulated if the buyer wants to. An insulation value with a rating of over 9 is the best for insulating these doors.


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