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Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors are not that different than residential ones in terms of how they work. However, they are usually less ornate and are available in much larger sizes. There are two main types of Commercial garage doors which are available to businesses.Coiling Roll-Up Commercial Garage Doors These types of Commercial garage doorsare made from horizontal metal slats which are usually steel. When opening the door, the slats are rolled up into a coil above the door’s opening. Other than manually lifting the door and pulling them down, methods of operating coiling garage doors include, chain hoists and electric motors.

The metal slats of a coiling door are great protection against break-ins as well as the elements. Coiling roll-up Commercial garage doors are most commonly found on industrial buildings, stores, and some institutions. They may also be called service doors. Coiling roll-up garage doors can be built to fit just about any size up to 24 feet wide.

When it comes to Commercial garage doors, coiling doors are a good choice for businesses that have very tall door entrances. In fact, it may be the only option because sectional Commercial garage doors require at least as much backroom as the garage door’s height. Backroom is how far the back wall is from the garage door opening. Because coiling garage doors roll up in a tight coil just overhead of the door’s opening, they save a lot of overhead space in the building. The operational components like motors or chain hoists are also compact in the same area.

Sectional Commercial Garage Doors Commercial sectional garage doors are the same basic garage door design that most of us have at home, though they are not as ornate in appearance. The door is lifted by springs and cables. The sections move upward, then horizontal across the ceiling. For this reason, the backroom of the garage must be as large as the door. The ceiling must also be strong enough to support the garage door.

Sectional garage doors are usually operated by a motor, however, smaller sectional doors are often hand operated. The main benefit of sectional garage doors is that they are usually lower in cost than heavy duty coiling doors. Sectional doors also come in more styles and have more options, such as windows, which coiling Commercial garage doors do not have.


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