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The importance of having an insulated garage door is endless. A lot of people have homes with a garage attached closely to it. Most of the times there is a wall that separates your home and garage, and this accounts for almost 25% of your wall space. Lack of an insulated garage door is a worrying thing and poses a high chance of temperature fluctuations in your house.

Insulation Concerns

People living in regions with moderate climate conditions do not need to have an insulated garage door. If you reside in an area with temperatures that do not surpass 80 degrees or fall below 50 degrees, an insulated garage door is not necessary. Since most regions in the US do not fall under this category, an insulated door is paramount.

High quality insulated doors have two pieces of strong steel material with insulation in between them. The extent of insulation is calculated by the R-value. A higher R-value translates to more thermal protection in your garage door. The best R-value is 9 and above and this makes the door costlier. Strong insulated garage doors are a perfect barrier against intruders.

There are cheap and low-quality insulated doors which have only a single layer of steel. These garage doors are backed by an insulation layer that comes with a plastic cover. Uninsulated garage doors are made up of a single layer of steel material.

Cost Implications and Additional Benefits

Regardless of being expensive, insulated doors are versatile and a good investment to take. People living in regions with moderate climatic conditions will reap big by investing in this day. The money used for heating purposes will cater for the added cost of having an insulated door.

Additionally, since there are rooms close to the insulated garage door, the temperature difference between inside and outside will be eliminated by the insulation. Insulated doors are a perfect protection barrier against moisture which leads to an infestation of mold. Insulated doors are a good remedy for people seeking to reduce the level of outdoor noise.

People with a strict budget can purchase a non-insulated garage door which goes for around $300 for measurement of 8×7. The R-value insulated door with a rating of 6 and above goes for about $500. For $600, you can get an insulated garage door with an R-15 insulation value

Insulated garage doors come with better warranties compared to the non-insulated garage doors.


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